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Pease Homes

Pease Woodwork Company

Hamilton, OH

Now the Home of The Silver Hills Historical Collection

        The components of the Pease home were prefabricated at the
Pease Woodwork Company located in Hamilton, Ohio. The com-
pany was founded in 1893. They began making prefab homes in the
1940s after the war. The company ceased operations in 1990. The
in-plant process guaranteed studs and walls were precisely cut and
assembled. The completed fames were shipped to the contruction
site for assmebly.

        Harry Elsby and Mary And Carnighan selected The Kirkwood
model with a basement for their home. The plans shown below
were reversed. The front bedroom is on the right. The house was
built in 1959 by the Boyd Construction Company of Charlestown,
Indiana, and is where Mary Ann and Harry raised their family of
three children: Ann Carol, Harry Michael and Kelly Carnighan.

        The home remains in the Carnighan family. It was totally
renovated and established as the Home of Silver Hills Historical
Collection. The windows, window hardware, doors and floors are
all original. The windows are the Colonial style. The kitchen and
bathroom were updated, and the porch and deck were added.
        The total cost to construct the house in 1959 was $12,738.